Sunday, August 03, 2014

Almost time for school to start . . .

A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Hot Springs, AR, for an annual girls vacation with some of my college friends. I am still recovering from that little adventure.  We had some great moments, including a rock hounding trip to a crystal mine, which was surprisingly fun.   We also went to a beautiful botanical garden. I always love it when I get to play with my camera. However, I came home with some mixed feelings about the whole experience, and I keep feeling as though we were all a little disappointed with this trip.

Next week my son will go back to school, and we will all have to adjust to a stricter schedule.  Homework, band, football games, and all other school activities will have to be our priority for the next 9 1/2 months. Some days I wonder how I will make it through six more years of this.  In addition, there are August birthdays looming on the horizon, and lots to do for that as well.  Just to keep things interesting, my husband's family has decided to throw in a little family drama too.  I think I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

Today, my goal is to push back any negativity, and finish a few scrapbook pages.  I have an unfinished Disney album from 2012.  I am going to think about those happy memories and try to feel a little better.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

I am still doing a lot of regular 12 x 12 scrapbook pages.  I recently started working on some Smash style pages. I am a little late to this trend, but loving it.  Here are some of my latest pages:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sam started school this week. He is growing up so fast. It is hard to believe he is in 5th grade. He seems happy with his teachers and classes this year. One of the big events for the 5th graders will be a trip to Washington D.C.  I have already made the deposit, and plan to be going as a chaperone for the trip. I think I am almost as excited about the trip as he is.

We also added a new furry member to our family at the end of July. His name is Smokey and he is a gray tabby kitten, who was between 8 and 9 weeks old when he came to live with us. He is an inside kitty for now, but I hope to slowly introduce him to our other cats, so that he can become an outside cat. I had forgotten how much energy kittens have. I am beginning to wonder whether Smokey's name should have been "Destructo" instead.

 Last night Todd was out of town, so Sam and I decided to meet my sister at the movies. We saw "Ice Age - Continental Drift." The movie was very funny. It felt good to laugh after some stressful events earlier in the week. The most upsetting thing that happened was a disagreement with some extended family members. While I am hopeful that we will get everything resolved soon, I am still very disappointed.

 Around 6:30 this morning I got up and walked around the yard. I love the time in the morning just as the sun is beginning to rise. Everything was still wet from the storms we had the day before. I moved two large tree limbs that had fallen, and watered the plants on the front porch. Times like this remind me of how grateful I am to be living here. At this moment, Sam is playing on his laptop, and Smokey is running back and forth across the room. Life is good.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Has it been a year already?

Well, again, it is apparent that I am not much of a blogger. Update of things that have occurred in the last year:

1) I changed jobs on August 1, 2011. After four years at the same firm, I decided that it was time to move on, and I found a great job with one of the best bosses that I have had in years. My practice now focuses on banking, debtor-creditor law, and real estate. I have to travel a bit more, and my office is a little farther from my home. However, it was a very good move for me both financially and professionally.

2) We refinanced our home in March of 2011, and used the equity to purchase a second home that we lease to someone else. The second home is near ours, and at one time, belonged to Todd's brother. So far, this has turned out to be a good investment, although we have been temporarily set back on some of our goals for completing some projects in and around our own house.

3) Our family members are all doing great. It is hard to believe that it has been two years since my dad's open heart surgery. That was such a scary time. All our parents and siblings seem to be doing well and I am so thankful and blessed to have them all.

4) My son is ten now and growing like a weed. He is going through so many changes, and my heart goes out to him as he struggles with all of the challenges of school, friends, and the usual growing pain of being a "tween."

And that is about it. Spring is here again, and my yard is calling to me. There is lots of work to do. Also, I am looking at the 365 project again. I keep thinking that I should be doing more to record these everyday moments that are slipping by so quickly.

We will be going to the movies today . . . off to see "John Carter" with my comic book loving hubby and son. :) Last night we watched the DVD "Immortals." The best and only good thing about that was Henry Cavell.

I need to catch up on some work for the office today, since tomorrow I will be leaving early for Vicksburg. Work is hectic, but that is a good thing, considering the alternative. Until next time . . .

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Spring is almost here!

The daffodils and trees are blooming here, and the temperatures are in the 70's. I love the spring! I have started walking again for exercise, so I am hopeful that I will finally be able to shed some of these stubborn pounds that have been with me for a few years now.

I took a six week break from my scrapbook pages, and I am just getting back into that now. Hopefully, I will have something to share soon. Life is hectic, but good. We are just hanging in here, taking things day by day.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Summer is almost over!

Where did the time fly? Sam starts back to school one week from tomorrow, and we will have to get back into the routine of early mornings and homework . . . groan! We have had a fabulous summer this year. We went on a Disney vacation in June. We had a laid back July 4th, swimming at Aunt Kay's earlier in the day, and shooting fireworks here at home that night. Then, two of my favorite people in the world, Rhonda and Carol, came to visit me HERE in Jackson on July 24. It was the perfect day.

This summer Sam finally learned to swim well enough that I don't worry quite so much. I guess I'll always worry just a little. :) Also, he has gotten to be quite the speed demon on his bike. I love watching him ride up and down our long driveway.

We will be taking one more small weekend trip to New Orleans soon. Can't wait, since it is my FAVORITE city, and I love every minute there. I think we may go to the zoo, and stock up on some back-to-school clothes for Sam.

Until next time . . .

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Hello again!

So much has happened in the last three months, I don't know where to start. The holidays were very busy, but we enjoyed getting together with everyone at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We took Sam to his first college football game in December, when USM played in the New Orleans Bowl. Also, Todd and I went back to New Orleans for New Year's Eve. Even though both trips were just for one night each, we had lots of fun.

During the month of January, it seemed like I celebrated my birthday all month. On Januay 9, Todd purchased me a King Cake for my birthday, which was wonderful. He and Sam gave me a spa gift certificate too, which I was finally able to use on January 30. We also went to see Avatar on January 10, which was amazing! On January 11, I received flowers at work from the office and a plant from my best friend Rhonda. My sis took me to lunch that day too, so I really felt pampered all day. The following weekend I went to my mom's house and spent the night, where there was more birthday cake, cash and goodies! Then Sam and I drove to Abbeville to see Todd, where we all went out to dinner together.

Now its February, and we are getting ready for Sam's birthday. It will be at gatti-town this year. Sam is really looking forward to it, and I hope he has lots of fun. I was hoping some of his cousins might come, but it looks like they will be busy with other stuff. Still, he is supposed to have a friend to spend the night, and on Saturday, he will get to open his biggest gift, which is a trampoline. I can hardly believe my little boy will be 8 years old!